The work will continue…

After traveling to Nicaragua and working with children who struggle each day to make it to school because they do not have a pencil, a notebook or are embarrased because they do not have an uniform to wear  we feel there’s a need to return and continue the work we’ve started.

Next summer 2012, we plan to return to Nicaragua to continue our support not just for the children or their classrooms, but as well work with their communities.

We believe that behind every successful student there are great parents which understand the importance of education and no matter what the situation, they strive to provide for their children the much needed support in all its definitions for them to excell in school.

Our plan is simple, we will visit the homes of the children currently enrolled in school and those who are no longer attending. We plan meet and talk with the families in their communities of the importance of education and the potential of a better future through its completion.

We have identified several areas where we would like to focus. Our work will include but not limited to the following:


  • Teachers: faciliting trainings to help them achieve better classroom instruction
  • Students:  work with children that are behind, have literacy issues or dificulties understanding their subjects, students with dissabilities, or any learning deficiency.

We are commited to make a difference  in childrens and their communities one step at a time.

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