Our first trip to Nicaragua received a lot of support from local media in Houston. Here’s some of the coverage before and after we completed it the project.

Houston Chronicle, July 12th 2011

Teachers, volunteers to build school,

supply children in Nicaragua


A group of schoolchildren in Nicaragua will finally have new classrooms to learn in, pencils to write with and notebooks to write in, thanks to Houston-area volunteers.

The mission this month to rebuild a small school building and get school supplies for children, grew from Killough Spanish school teacher Jimmy Quezada, who plans to take his son Pablo, 8, along. News of his trip spread throughout the Alief school district and interest grew along with the scope of the trip… [click below to read the rest of the article]

Mi Familia Magazine, Sept. 2011

Un granito de sal y sonrisas nicaragüenses

Un granito de sal  tiene el poder de mover montañas. Hace un año un hombre decidió poner el suyo y los resultados fueron mágicos.

En el verano del 2010, Iván Quezada, chileno, radicado en Houston, emprendió un viaje “mochileando” por Latinoamérica. Su aventura a pie lo llevó a una escuelita en las faldas del Volcán Mombacho, en Nicaragua… un año después, regresó a cumplir una promesa.

Read more here

Periódico Sucesos Agosto, 2011


Telemundo Houston, Agosto 2011

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