Mission & Vision

 Our Mission:

Amigos 4 Learning helps children in need throughout Latin America by supporting and educating their communities and aiding their school’s educational needs. We believe that progress can only be achieved through success in education.

Our Vision:

 Is to support education in the areas of most need.

Our Goal:

 Is to educate parents and their communities of the importance and the possibility of progress through education.

Who we are:

We are an organization formed by people who believes in the power of education. Our purpose is to contribute to the educational progress of rural communities in need throughout Latin America.

We know  that a good foundation begins at home and once an understanding of the importance of an education has been established and children know and feel they are being supported to complete their education, they will perform to the highest levels.

We firmly believe that education is the only way to achieve a better future and the only tool to lift communities from poverty.

How it all began:

Amigos 4 Learning began with a backpacking trip of one man through Central America in the summer of 2010.

On his climb up to Volcan Mombacho, Ivan Quezada stopped by a school and recognized the limited resources available. The next day he returned with pencils, notebooks and a promise to return the following summer with his then 8 year old son Pablo to teach English and distribute supplies.

In the summer 2011, Ivan Quezada returned with Pablo and 15 others volunteers who found out about his summer plans through word of mouth.

The achievements of this experience were far more than what Ivan had ever imagined. Together, the group painted and decorated a three room rural school, and distributed supplies to over 500 children in the five schools of the district located at the skirts of Volcan Mombacho.

Amigos 4 Learning has been created to bring together all people who want to make a difference in the life of a child, a child that without support and motivation to attend school may never learn how to read or write. A child that without the necessary support may not achieve his full life potential. Please Join our cause.


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