The Program

Our program consists of a 2 week volunteer trip project (July 12 – 24, 2012) to previously identified and selected school(s) in one country of Latin America.

The main focus of our work will include and is not limited to the following:

  • One on one: Visit the homes and families of the childen currently attending school and of those who have dropped out.
  • Parents: Through community meetings, capacitate parents of the importance of education and the potential of a better future.
  • Study: Conduct a study of the current teaching methods and problems at hand in the communities which directly affect the progress of education for the children.
  • Plan: Based on the results of the study, create a plan suited to specifically help improve education in  the targeted area(s)
  • Teachers: Train teachers to achieve better classroom instruction
  • Students:  identify and work with students falling behind, with dissabilities or any learning deficiency.
  • Supplies: Distribute school related supplies, uniforms and necessary donated materials to children in need to meet and serve as motivator for them to attend school.
  • Remodel: Assign and rotate volunteers in work crews to paint, remodel and perform general work, thus creating a more suitable learning environment for the students in each classroom.

We invite you to join us to make a difference in the life of a child, their families and communities and bring back home an unforgettable life experience.

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