The Volunteers

      Amigos 4 Learning

Nicaragua 2011 Volunteers

Amigos 4 Learning thanks the following volunteers which dedicated their valuable time, effort and resources to achieve a dream for for many children during our trip to Nicaragua in July 2012

1.            Koch, Kelsey B

2.            Olivas, Luis

3.            Irene Olivas

4.            Tomas Olivas

5.            Vargas, Ricardo

6.            Vargas, Angela A

7.            Garza, Cynthia 

8.            Kearns, Matthew W

9.            Sanchez, Joseph A

10.    Charles, Johanna L

11.    Frida Villalobos

12.    Rouchon, Omar A

13.    Olivas, Roberto

14.    Quezada, J. Ivan

15.    Pablo Quezada

16.    Sharon Spencer

17.    Ann Marie Olivas

Special thanks to Jason Givens and family from McAllen, TX for donating the first laptop to the school district Jose Dolores in Nicaragua

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